Michigan State had a final shot at getting a game-winning field goal attempt or a heave into the end zone, but with seven seconds left and the Spartans on the Nebraska 41-yard line, Connor Cook couldn’t throw the ball away before time expired, giving the Huskers the win.

Michigan State defensive back Jermaine Edmondson, who was in one-on-one coverage on Reilly, had his back turned to Reilly during the entire stretch when the receiver stepped out of bounds and re-entered.

After being the beneficiary of an extremely unlikely turn of events against Michigan a few weeks ago, Michigan State now finds itself on the other end of a similar situation.

Michigan State’s loss shakes up Big Ten East and Big Ten’s playoff odds.

Before the Huskers’ win, the Wolverines’ only hope to win the division was to upset Ohio State in the regular-season finale, have the Buckeyes beat Michigan State the week before and then hope they could vault both rivals in the final College Football Playoff rankings, which would’ve served as the tiebreaker.

Now as long as Ohio State beats Michigan State, a win over the hated Buckeyes will send the Wolverines to Indianapolis.

A quick recap: In Week 1, they lost on a last-second Hail Mary by BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum; in Week 3, they came back from 23 points down only to lose to Miami in overtime; in Week 5, they lost to Illinois on a touchdown pass with 10 seconds left; in Week 6, they lost to Wisconsin on a field goal with four seconds left; and in Week 8, they lost to Northwestern after the Wildcats held on in the final minutes.

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