Michelle Pfeiffer is making a super chic return to the limelight.

Pfeiffer stars alongside Robert De Niro in the TV movie, making this her first acting project since The Family in 2013, which also starred De Niro.

Wizard of Lies tells the story of Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme, with Pfeiffer taking on the role of Bernie’s wife Ruth.

“It was kind of daunting,” Pfeiffer told ET’s Jennifer Peros at the premiere.

“I’m happy that I think the movie really speaks to the victimization of this family,” Pfeiffer added.

Recalling her favorite memory of her time on set, Pfeiffer told ET, “I think just getting to know that cast. We got so close and it was a difficult shoot to say the least. I think that we sort of bonded together and I’m still very fond and very close with all of them.”

When talking to Interview magazine earlier this year, Pfeiffer also shared some secrets from the set of Scarface, admitting that she was “Terrified” while shooting the controversial crime film.

Michelle Pfeiffer