Character actor Michael Parks has died after a career that lasted more than 50 years.

Parks’ agent, Jane Schulman, confirmed his death to news organizations but she did not specify the cause.

Parks, a California native, didn’t begin acting until after years of fruit picking, truck driving and fire fighting.

Park sang the show’s theme song, which became a hit on the Billboard and Hot Country songs charts.

Parks recorded pop, jazz and gospel albums, too, but mostly stuck to acting.

Over the decades, he racked up more than a hundred film and TV credits as villains and antiheroes.

Parks played a Texas Ranger in From Dusk Till Dawn – a role he reprised in Tarantino’s Kill Bill series.

Parks also played a Mexican pimp in that movie, and Tarantino also directed him in Django Unchained and Grindhouse.

Smith says Parks was a genius and called him a “Yoda of acting.”

Michael Parks