Taking a page from the Michael Jackson Estate playbook, the Prince estate’s music and entertainment interests are going to be overseen by two of his former advisers- Charles Koppelman and Londell McMillan.

Branca became co-executor of Jackson’s estate thanks to a will he’d drawn up for Jackson during one of their past associations.

He was responsible for the 1996 album “Emancipation.” At the time, Koppelman-who has a long track record in the music biz- was chairman and CEO of EMI Records, he cut the deal to distribute “Emancipation,” which was one of Prince’s last real hits on a regular label.

Koppelman had been a manager of Michael Jackson when the King of Pop was alive, back in 2003-2005.

When Prince died, McMillan flew directly to Minneapolis and quickly got re-involved in advising Prince’s estate, which is in the hands of Bremer Trust National Association.

He’s also had his own entertainment companies and the very cool but short-lived SBK record label with current Sony ATV Music chief Martin Bandier back in the 90s. Maybe one of the first things Koppelman and McMillan can do is bring back the “Emancipation” album.

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