Penthouse’s 2015 “Pet of the Year”, Layla Sin, visited her home country of Israel recently earlier this week to conduct a TV interview with Israeli Channel 10 News.

It was a revealing interview for the Los Angeles-based porn star, who took the TV crew to a shawarma joint in her hometown of Ramat Gan to chat about how the child of a religious Jewish upbringing in Israel ended up making adult films in the United States.

The 31 year old Sin was born to conservative Yemeni-Israeli parents and grew up “Wearing modest dress” and respecting the conservatism of her upbringing, she said in her televised interview with Channel 10.

Eventually, she was asked to do nude photoshoots – and then decided to enter the adult film industry by filming amateur videos with her fiance.

After succeeding in the porn world and becoming better known, she landed a job with the American adult magazine “Penthouse” where she earned her “Pet of the Year” title in 2015.

Al-Bawaba reached out to Ms. Sin for comment, but received no response.

Penthouse refers to her as a “Middle Eastern” porn star, though she is not the first adult actress of Middle Eastern background to become famous in the US porn industry.

Israel and Lebanon are two of the most liberal countries in the Middle East, yet both Khalifa and Sin have faced criticism from their home countries.

There are certain conservative elements in Israeli society that have been known to show violence towards those deviating from orthodoxy – much like the anti-LGBT attacks that have plagued Israel in recent years and claimed numerous lives.

Mia Khalifa