Leading Twitter’s trending tab Thursday morning – amid a slew of hashtags heralding the national weed holiday informally known as 4/20 – was Mia Khalifa, a former adult film star and social media personality.

T’s any number of reasons Khalifa would surface as a trending topic on Twitter: her risqué Instagram posts, for one; a recent exchange with a “Girls Gone Wild” account on Twitter; or her appreciation of the art of cooking.

Ever stop to think that maybe Mia Khalifa is trending because everyone is asking why she’s trending pic.

Khalifa addressed the rumor in a tweet Thursday afternoon with a meme reference from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” adding, “Joke’s on y’all.”

To be clear: This is not the first time a rumor – or even this particular unsubstantiated claim – has appeared on Twitter.

The last time the rumor went viral was January 28 and seemed to be linked to a viral fake news item from a site called TheNoChill.

Mia Khalifa