In one of the most hilarious moments during the hourlong Live Talks Los Angeles conversation between Melissa McCarthy and her husband, fellow comedian Ben Falcone, they were asked about their biggest pet peeves about each other.

The book, which Falcone initially wrote as a Christmas present for his father, was published this month by HarperCollins Publishers.

McCarthy, Falcone’s wife of 11 years, interviewed him during the talk, which made for deeply personal and funny exchanges.

After being interviewed by his wife for 30 minutes, Falcone and McCarthy answered questions from the event’s moderator, who stuck to a script of family- and book-related questions.

McCarthy and Falcone asked and answered questions ranging from Falcone’s hypochondria to whether he’s ever gone commando in public, which he sheepishly admitted to having done.

“In Chapter One, right out of the gate, you talk about your dad’s testicles hanging out of shorts,” McCarthy reminded Falcone.

Melissa McCarthy