The New York Post just released a story which features nude photos of Melania Trump, wife of Republican Presidential candidate and walking 4chan/pol/ post Donald Trump.

If you ask me, by taking take this bait, we are playing into Donald Trump’s ham-fisted and crude attempt to plant a red herring into our political news cycle.

I don’t care about Melania Trump’s nude photographs.

Why would a publication which endorsed him publish nude photos of his wife in order to sabotage him?

The most disturbing thing about this story is that by publishing it, Donald Trump and the Post are hanging Melania out to dry in a culture which is still, at its core, puritanical, and they know it, never mind the front of she’ll be a model first lady because she’s super hot.

The opportunity to put his wife - who is clearly uncomfortable with the level of scrutiny she has received, especially since the scandal of her speech at the RNC, for being the wife of Donald Trump - in front of a camera again, fully-clothed, to be stripped down in print or by talking heads on television against her will and without her permission by a media which happily trots out the madonna/whore dichotomy whenever it possibly can? Donald Trump is complicit in allowing a publication which has endorsed him to victimize his own wife.

Melania Trump