Photo Donald J. Trump and Megyn Kelly finally talked on Tuesday night about their raucous, contentious history over the last nine months.

It was a convivial, easygoing interview that was taped more than two weeks ago for Ms. Kelly’s first prime-time special on Fox, “Megyn Kelly Presents.”

In keeping with the tradition of Ms. Walters’s prime-time specials over the years, Ms. Kelly took a more personal approach and asked Mr. Trump about his divorces, his brother’s alcoholism and his favorite movie and whether he was bullied as a child.

“Let’s talk about us,” Ms. Kelly said, then asked Mr. Trump about her first question to him in the first Republican debate in August.

After the first debate, Mr. Trump famously said that Ms. Kelly had “Blood coming out of her wver,” a comment widely interpreted as referring to menstruation.

In April, Ms. Kelly made a trip to Trump Tower to discuss his coming on for the special.

In the final segment of the special, Ms. Kelly asked Mr. Trump some “Rapid-fire questions,” including inquiries about his favorite book and movie.

Megyn Kelly