The Hall of Photoshopping Woes just welcomed its latest honoree when pop singer Meghan Trainor got tangled up in a minor music-video scandal involving what looks like an artificially tiny waist.

Trainor released the video for her single “Me Too” on Monday.

The video shows Trainor in a variety of outfits, including her pajamas and a giraffe costume.

Trainor had the video removed and then released a new version on Tuesday.

She says she didn’t ask for her appearance to be altered and was surprised to see her look in the final video.

“Glad you won’t stand for ridiculous photoshopping! Can’t wait to see the video when they fix it. Stay beautiful, stay you,” writes a follower on Facebook.

Just last month, Trainor appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine.

“They should let her be her real size which is beautiful,” one Instagram user commented.

Based on the video-removal move, Trainor seems to agree.

Meghan Trainor