Fox plays Reagan a pharmaceutical sales rep who moves into the loft while Jess is away on jury duty.

Fate will see Nick reneging on that promise when he comes across bona fide hot person Reagan at a hospital.

Reagan just happens to need a place to stay for the exact time that Jess is gone – ah, coincidences – so Nick butts in and invites her to live with them.

When he responds, “How did you know?” She hits back without missing a beat, “It’s very obvious.” While examining Jess’ room, w she’s to live for the duration of her stay, Reagan notes that Jess’ tote bags and yarn make her “Racist against white people.”

“No,” Schmidt replies, “I completely appreciate the fluidity of sexuality. I’m basically a woman myself.” Instead, Schmidt’s worried that his life is turning into a rom-com, except Reagan’s the heroine of the story, swooping in to steal Cece away at the last moment before her wedding, and he’s the “Bridgette Wilson-Sampras.” Nice Wedding Planner reference, New Girl writers.

The show’s creator, Liz Meriwether, told Vulture that Reagan gave them an opportunity to explore different personality traits: “We do a lot of anxious, neurotic-people comedy, so it was nice to have this character who wasn’t going through all of those things.” Reagan knows exactly what she wants and knows how to get it.

Sure, Nick will continue to get goo-goo eyed over Reagan.

Megan Fox