Get set to get a live-action version as the company behind giant Japanese robot Kuratas has taken a duel challenge from upstart US adversary MegaBot.

Kuratas has existed for 3 years and even went on sale for $1.35 million at one point.

“My reaction? Come on men, make it cooler. Simply building something huge and adhering guns on it’s… super American,” said CEO Kogoro Kurata.

Having a rusty finish, it rolls on tank-like tracks, can hold two “Aviators” and fires giant paintballs at speeds up to 100mph.

As you’d expect, the mech has just one purpose: “We Are bringing video games and science fiction to life in the form of internally piloted giant fighting robots,” MegaBots co-founder Gui Cavalcanti told us.

The mech notion first appeared last year in an unsuccessful Kickstarter, but was finally finished with help from US software giant Autodesk.

In response to the USA challenge, Kurata said, “We can not let another country gain this. Giant robots are Japanese culture.”

“I need to punch them to fight and knock them unconscious to get it done,” Kuratas said.