Drake officially kicked off his Views from the 6 campaign on Saturday by premiering “Summer Sixteen” on OVO Sound Radio.

Not fifteen minutes later, Meek Mill responded by releasing his surprise EP4/4 Part 2, which contained a brand new Drake diss track called “War Pain.”.

“The craziest part about”War Pain” was the fact that Meek was responding directly too Drake’s comments in “Summer Sixteen.

” Drake recalled staying in the hotel room directly above Meek Mill on the night “Back to Back” drop – Meek fired back that at the time, Nicki was asleep in bed as he was “counting five hundred thousand cash.

Drake proclaimed that his “Hotline Bling” dance moves were Chris Brown-level.

“Niggas dancing like they fruitcakes,” Meek replied.

Meek’s enunciation is much better on “War Pain” than it was on “Wanna Know.” T’s no question it’s the type of diss track Meek wished he had dropped after “Back 2 Back.” But is it a better record than “Summer Sixteen?” Cast your vote below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Meek Mill