Correspondence (GIF image, 1 × 1 pixel). A few days earlier, Soulja had said loud and clear and proudly to the luxury brand Gucci to “suck my dick”, because after the controversy with the blacks, it is firm in its position against them. “Fuck Gucci, nigger! Gucci canceled! Nigger, get out of ! Gucci is racist as shit,” Soulja said on stage at the High Times Dope Cup in Adelanto, California. All the rap blacks are doing me a favor, hit my SM and let me know who wants to smoke because I’m ready to kill one of you and knock one of you out,” said Soulja, “Dude, you fucked me. Gucci pulled that racist asshole out with that blackheaded shit. “Great Draco, I got out of jail, nigger,” he said in an Instagram video when he got out of jail in Los Angeles. “So if you want to smoke, do the SM right now. The great Drako was apparently drunk when he jumped on his Instagram story Monday night (March 25) and greeted any rapper who had a problem with him to meet him at the DMs. He also shot 6ix9ine earlier this month and made a joke at the rapper’s expense after his short stay in prison. Soulja Boy wants all the smoke with any rapper who wants it with him. It’s impossible to say what caused the screams, but the rapper hasn’t hacked his words lately. See his public service announcement on all rappers who want the smoke to stop. 2019 XXL Mag is part of the XXL Network, Townsquare Media, Inc. on Sunday, March 24. All rights reserved.