Dev, who spent most of last season home in New York, with a quick detour to Nashville, is all of a sudden making pasta and learning Italian and we’re supposed to find it as entertaining as he does.

Here’s the second thing: It’s worth hanging in past the first two draggy episodes abroad. Because when Dev returns to New York, “Master of None” is great again, picking up w last season left off with the thirtysomething trying to make a living as an actor, find the right girl and navigate the high expectations of his immigrant parents.

His mom calls in the middle of the meal, he tells her what he’s eating, she scolds him and says Muslims can’t eat pork.

As any kid raised in even a secular Muslim household knows, breaching the pork rule is something that just isn’t talked about because IT NEVER HAPPENS! Except it does, and Ansari has the guts to tackle it.

After a few days of pretending, he can’t stand it anymore: When ordering at a Chinese restaurant with his parents and auntie and uncle, he orders a pork dish.

Dev says to his parents, “We all have our own interpretation. You eat non-halal, used to smoke cigarettes, you don’t wear hijab. Why can’t I have my interpretation w I’m just nice and I eat pork?”.

As Dev’s father says to him, “It’s not about eating pork. It’s not about the religion. It’s about you ignoring us and not realizing who you are. When you act like this, we feel we have failed you.”

Master of None