Largely out of the public eye in recent years but still a household name, the 52-year-old multihyphenate seems poised for one of the comeback stories that the ABC mainstay built its brand upon – for that reason, she’s been offered a spot on the cast several times before – but the timing is a first.

I’m happy to talk, but t is a lot of press jumping all of the time now.

I had been approached several times throughout the years.

The timing seemed like it would be too difficult.

I’m taking meetings while I’m out – I mean, I met a manager for an hour, it’s not like I have a lot of time – but I am taking measures for what the next step will be after the show.

I actually booked that before Dancing With the Stars, so the timing ended up being sort of perfect.

I wish I had more time with my daughter, but she supports me.

T’s a point in time w you just have to trust.

She’s 22 now, and it’s time for me to let her go a little bit more every day.

Marla Maples