Marilyn Manson spilled a lot of dirt during his chat with Howard Stern on SiriusXM on Tuesday morning.

The moment everyone was waiting for was when Manson finally cleared up his recent T-shirt-related beef with Justin Bieber.

To recap: Bieber often wore a Manson shirt on stage during his recent tour – which featured Manson’s face on the front and “Bigger Than Satan… Bieber” on the back – and when Manson ran into him at a celebrity bar and mentioned it, Bieber quipped, “I made your relevant again.” That did not sit well with the Antichrist Superstar and he’s talked about it in several recent interviews to promote his upcoming 10th album, Heaven Upside Down.

Manson told Stern he doesn’t really have a problem with Bieber, proving it by handing his “Burner phone” over to the radio legend to share what he said was a recent text exchange he had with Justin.

That sincere mea culpa was followed by a series of questions marks, to which Manson responded simply, “Words.” Manson explained “That’s what I say to girls when they talk.” The rocker said the “I made you relevant again” comment is what botd him more than the bootleg T-shirt with his image on the front and JB’s pic on the back.

Stern said, Manson doesn’t have a problem with the “Sorry” singer?

Manson ended by promising not to “Shit talk” Bieber on Stern.

Marilyn Manson