Saturday Night Live kicked off its new season with Margot Robbie and Alec Baldwin’s first appearance as Donald Trump, with special appearances from Larry David and Darrell Hammond.

The season 42 premiere, also featuring The Weeknd as musical guest, was Robbie’s SNL hosting debut.

The season premiere’s cold open started off with a faux presidential debate with Baldwin as Trump, who attacked Hillary Clinton and explained the economy: “Our jobs are fleeing this country. They’re going to Mexico. They’re going to Jina,” he said, trying to pronounce “China.”

When Holt reminded him that the debate was still going on, Trump quickly responded.

Sanders faced off against Kate McKinnon as Trump adviser KellyAnne Conway, who revealed her gameplan was to “Talk and talk until people forget he question then I’m going to make an insane claim about Hillary: Hillary Clinton is North Korean.”

Robbie’s Ivanka Trump needed some help from her brothers, who suddenly appeared from behind the podium with her to attempt to answer Steve Harvey’s questions, before he called them “Children of the Corn.”.

Robbie showed off her Keira Knightley impression in a roundtable interview along with McKinnon’s legendary actress character.

To conclude the season premiere, Leslie Jones approached Mr. Robot’s Elliot to help find out who hacked her over the summer, in “a puzzle unlike any he’s faced before.” The investigation got more interesting when Jones revealed that her password was “Password.”

SNL has made several cast changes coming into this season, adding new castmembers after the departures of Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah, both of whom have since booked Showtime pilots.

Margot Robbie