“You need to understand the power that you possess,” Al-Shabazz explained to the audience in Gen. Daniel “Chappie” James Arena.

Al-Shabazz is a community organizer, social activist, motivational speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed “Growing Up X.” Using the lives of her mother and father as examples of resiliency and purpose, she urged her audience to reach for more than material worth and to help set higher standards.

Speaking of her mother who witnessed her father brutally gunned by assassins, she said Betty Shabazz pushed forward because “She never accepted no or I can’t as an answer for herself.” Despite the mounting threat to himself and his family, Al-Shabazz said her father courageously stood up for what he believed to be right to help people facing injustice and oppression.

The African Diaspora is vulnerable and the history of African descendants is misunderstood, according to Al-Shabazz.

“You, too, will prepare the next generation of justice-seekers,” Al-Shabazz urged.

Tuskegee University president, Dr. Brian L. Johnson and Al-Shabazz meet with honor students and campus leaders before address.

Malcolm X