While not a federal holiday like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, many people take May 19, to recognize, honor, and remember the works of civil rights leader and activist Malcolm X. Malcolm X Day is held on May 19, because that was the date Malcolm X was born.

Malcolm X Day is a local holiday that is most notably celebrated in the city of Berkeley, California, w it is considered an official holiday.

Another difference between Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X is that though they were both reverends, Martin Luther King Jr., was a Baptist Christian and Malcolm X was a Muslim who was a leader for the Nation of Islam.

Martin Luther King Jr., believed that blacks could smoothly and peacefully integrate with white society and culture, while Malcolm X believed that, due to years of racism, oppression, and prejudice, white culture would never fully accept blacks, and tfore blacks should create their own culture apart from whites.

Malcolm X shared his views on w the black man and woman fit into America and essentially stated that, due to centuries of racism, t was no room for the black man to integrate.

“LOMAX: Minister Malcolm, we are all by now familiar with your basic philosophy; we have heard you speak, seen you on television, and read your remarks in magazines and newspapers. By now, I think, everybody knows your position that the white man is a devil, a man incapable of doing right; you hold that the black man is of God’s divine nature, that he fell from power because of weakness; you hold further that the white man’s rule over the earth was scheduled to end in 1914, but that his end has been delayed because of the need to get the American Negro into the fold of the black brotherhood.”

“MALCOLM X: Because that’s what he is. What do you want me to call him, a saint? Anybody who rapes, and plunders, and enslaves, and steals, and drops hell bombs on people anybody who does these things is nothing but a devil.”

Malcolm X