The white Seattle rapper unveiled his song “White Privilege II,” which put the likes of Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus on blast for appropriating black culture while failing to pay it any respect.

Macklemore, the 9/11 truther with a penchant for thrift shops and anti-Semitic getups, released his nine-minute opus “White Privilege II” yesterday.

It’s not hard to see why “White Privilege II” is so polarizing-this is Macklemore we’re talking about-but some listeners are overeager to applaud a track that more or less just centers white angst.

A song such as this does more to give voice to the white guy rapping than the actual double standards that make many of his white fans turn a deaf ear to Black Lives Matter.

“White Privilege II” seems more predicated on him voicing his frustration with being a misunderstood white guy in a black medium than it is any real political statement.

The Aussie rapper-who’s become the poster girl for cultural appropriation-responded to “White Privilege II” with a rather pointed tweet after a fan asked if she’d heard the song.

Azalea’s response is an example of how white defensiveness is the biggest impediment to understanding and dismantling white supremacy: Iggy focused on a personal attack as opposed to addressing the larger issue being discussed.

“White Privilege II” was him sharing his perspective on what’s going on-which is what we want artists to do.