What is official is that Louis Tomlinson, boy band the adorable little Yorkshire terrier in One Way, is definitely going to be a dad. We heard the news some weeks ago, but until now, Louis himself had not affirmed it.

This baby, which Louis is having with stylist Briana Jungwirth, is real.

Bless him, Louis says he is excited about it.

Like Louis said, it’s also exciting! A baby! Also it is not like Tomlinson and Jungwirth are working part time at the Tesco and must live to the dole when the tiny one arrives.

It alters everything! One Direction will bring a new life into the planet.

Sure, they have given us all new life-new hope, new beliefs, new love-but we’re talking about a real person.

Sure, sure, we could all say the easy things, like, “Briana will produce an excellent surrogate for Harry and Louis,” but we won’t, will we? Because that would not be right.

Definitely nothing about about Louis being called “Dad” and Harry being call “Papa.” Because that is not rational.

Louis Tomlinson