The soundtrack to ‘Supermarket’ Logic is a surprising start. There’s the funky “Lemon Drop”, the “Can I Kick It”, the “I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World”, produced by Mac DeMarco, and “Vacation From Myself” and other titles that demonstrate Logic’s versatility. Many raps do – as in the last part of the six-minute album “Bohemian Trapsody” – but most of the songs are rock or folk oriented. “Flynn is imprisoned, depressed, recently abandoned and lives in his mother’s house. However, the sound of the album is not what most people expect from a Logic project, as it contains much more rock than hip-hop. In 2017 Logic said he was working on a novel called Supermarket, and now the book has been published. One day, when he comes to work at a crime scene, Flynn’s world collapses when the secrets of his tortured mind are revealed. Supermarket is a dark and witty psychological thriller that is an exciting confrontation with madness and creativity. And Flynn doesn’t want to look for answers at the supermarket. He had previously announced that he would release a film album to accompany the book, and this has already been done. Working is not work if you save yourself. Listen to the supermarket (soundtrack) above. The supermarket has to change that. But things are not like appearing in these corridors. Normal work and constant control. Because something that seems to be there is looking for it.

-LSB- LISTEN supermarket