However, the Lincoln Center in New York organized a series of free mini-concerts for educators, teachers and other key personnel, which were attended by only one or two musicians and an audience of up to five people. Lincoln Center brings music to key staff The largest art complex in America was unable to present its regular programme because of the pandemic. As a rule, Lincoln Center is a place w people of all ages come to enjoy concerts and dances in the open air. “Lincoln Center is really my favorite neighborhood,” he said, looking at the empty main square of the complex. Like Ellis-Lee, he hasn’t been at Lincoln Center since March 13. She says in addition to the music, she would like to come to Lincoln Center to sit down and think about what the place meant to her. In the coming months, Lincoln Center plans to hold similar small concerts in hospitals and other medical facilities. In mid-March, the largest arts center in America stopped holding public performances. The musicians are volunteers with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the organizations based at the Lincoln Center. “I knew it would be great because I hadn’t played for the public in four months, so I knew I needed it. Your school is only a block from Lincoln Center. Between shows, cultural center staff spray the auditoriums with disinfectant. After Robbins and her husband left, Laura Madera and Jeffrey Ellis-Lee signed up for the last concert of the evening. She came to listen to Lou and Jeffrey Ellis-Lee, who teaches at the Maxine Green Institute for Imaginary Research. Typical summer, they heard the New York Philharmonic play in one of the city parks. Ellis-Lee says that “he”, even if everyone was wearing masks, could see the joy on Lou’s face when he was playing.

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