But it was not only fun and games, because the success began to have a little effect on the good times. “T were good times, but the record company was behind the dollar,” Durst said in an interview with Rock Sound before adding, “It was an interesting moment in my life. The band brought Terry Data together to produce the album, persuaded Scott Weiland and John Abraham to support several tracks, and hired Swizz Beatz to oversee production of the second version of “Rollin'”, subtitled “Urban Assault Vehicle” with guest rappers DMX, Method Man and Redman. In 2000, Nu Metal dominated the radio and Limp Bizkit “rolledrolled” with great power as they promoted their album “Significant Other” for what fans recognized as “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water”. “How could people not understand that we are not serious? We thought it was very funny. “The video even opens with two special guests, actors Ben Stiller and Stephen Dorff, who filmed Zoolander with Durst. “I never thought the Limp Bizkit would be so big,” said Borland. “Chocolate Star comes from Durst, who used the term “color” in part of “his” anatomy to describe how some people saw “him” at the time. “I think many people needed time to recover from the discomfort we were experiencing at the time,” “he” said. The album led to two more songs for the radio, “My Way” and “Boiler,” the first of which was number one: “We had a huge album,” guitarist Wes Borland said in an interview with Louder Sound magazine. 18 on the Modern Rock Tracks charts, but “he” still played very well on MTV, w Durst and the band became big stars. The singer remembers Rock Sound: “Somehow we discovered the moment when we were a big boss for a while. Meanwhile, Borland joked about the taste of a certain water-based product, which was also broadcast on television. “This was my version of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. Fred Durst recalls: “People were filled with freshness and excitement when new sounds and urban music were introduced into heavy music or they rebelled. The band recorded “Take a Look Around” for the mission: “Impossible 2,” and the song was released in May 2000 in support of a hit movie.

Limp Bizkit Explode