womack spoke didactically, because the question of legacy has become unusually urgent in pop music, and particularly in hip-hop the last year has seen the premature deaths of some of the youngest and fastest-rising stars of their generation in june, the troubled florida rapper and singer xxxtentacion—who’d been charged with assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, among other gruesome crimes—was shot dead in his car at age twenty and, in september, the twenty-six-year-old pittsburgh rapper mac miller died of a reported accidental drug overdose, just weeks after releasing his new album, “swimming ” artists have died in their prime before, of course but, because this generation had access to technology and distribution platforms that encouraged them to be hugely prolific, t exists a mountain of unreleased music by deceased young stars to be sifted and pumped out into the world it’s a minefield of commercial potential

Lil Peep