Today I bought my first house,” he wrote on social media next to the key to his house, in his kitchen and next to a huge hot tub. The rapper recently moved into his first home, which he bought with his money, and to celebrate, Lil Nas X shared some photos in his new crib. The rapper recalled some memorable moments from his life in a series of TikTok videos in which he talks about depression and family problems during his rise to fame. The rapper revealed that his mother went to rehab while he struggled with his addiction, and that he was at one point forced to live with his abusive brother. See photos of Lil Nasa X in his first home above. Buying a house is a huge accomplishment for Lil Nas X, as he could not move into his apartment until 2019. While he was buying this house on the market, Lil Nas X informed one of his students that he was planning to design the future house himself. Despite his personal struggles, the rapper managed to become a Grammy Award winner and continue his successful career. The musician has broken records, become a best-selling artist and has the most certified song in music history. “That’s a first! I’ll do the next one,” he wrote. Lil Nas X has come a long way since he released his first song on SoundCloud in 2018. Now, Lil Nas X can celebrate another milestone on his bucket list. Lil Nas X is only 21 years old and is officially in his hands for the first time.