More specifically, what Dave East said in a live Instagram chat with his fans was the answer to a question about his thoughts on “Old Town Road”. “He didn’t stop and called it he the “crazy man in the cape”. “His lyrics reflected many feelings, often expressed by older rappers – especially those from New York – about the current state of hip-hop after the barriers to entry were removed by the arrival of streaming. “Old Town Road” was one of the direct beneficiaries of this effect and became known thanks to a TikTok viral mem, eventually becoming the first song to appear in both hip-hop and country charts. When Dave East disqualified Lil Nas X from “Old Town Road” as “Super-Wack”, Lil Nas didn’t sink him. In the video above, the presenter goes straight to the juicy quote and asks Lil Nas what he thinks of Dave East by calling the song Wack. In fact, he may have had the perfect answer to such a comment when he appeared on the Zach Sang Show and told the host that he had no concern for Dave’s mind, because his viral tube is “too successful to highlight what a vile person thinks. The rapper’s answer is equally simple: “Frankly, I’ve asked this question so many times,” he says. His popularity rose when it became known that Billboard had taken him off the map, which led to a public outcry about his show and eventually made him number one “I have the number one song in the country”. 1 at Hot 100, w he’s been for the last three weeks.

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