Leyla McCulla released her first solo album “Vari-Colored Songs” Leyla McCulla released her first solo album “Vari-Colored Songs: A tribute to Langston Hughes”, in 2014 Leyla McCulla released her first solo album “Vari-Colored Songs”: A tribute to Langston Hughes in 2014 The songs were inspired in many ways by the African-American poet Langston Hughes – many of the poems I wrote music about have inspired me to continue this path of traditional music composition and arrangement. But the moment, McCulla says, gave him more confidence in his decision to relive “The Different Colored Songs” and Langston Hughes’ words. He will re-release his first solo album “Vari-Colored Songs”: a tribute to Langston Hughes. “It will be available immediately. READ MCCALLA: “Vari-Colored Songs” is an album that gets in the way of music. GARCIA-NAVARRO: “Vari-Colored Songs” also includes popular Haitian songs in honor of McCulla’s Haitian ancestors. What I love so much about creating music and writing songs is that over time, the songs become more and more powerful. When we thought about restarting it through Smithsonian Folkways, I remember saying that t is a song that people would like to hear, but it is not my voice. And McCulla added a new song to this reissue. And, you know, it really attracted me to Langston Hughes’ work, how he can add so much nuance and strength to his words. But it was his first solo album in 2013 that formed the type of musician that she wanted to be. Seeing how the public discourse on racism and racial relations really changed, I strengthened my determination to achieve this new liberation.

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