Let’s look back on May 2007, when a 17-year-old girl, Swift, made her debut as a laureate of the Country Music Academy Awards and played her first single, “Tim McGraw. Taylor Swift was inevitably present at the award ceremonies, but since she finished her 1989 “tour” three years ago, she has been extremely reluctant in public to skip the Grammy, MTV Video Music Awards and all other award ceremonies and refuse almost any request for interviews. They were sitting in the front row next to his wife Faith Hill, a few inches from Swift, the earth’s icon. Then he turned to the camera and said “Tim McGraw! with absolute admiration. By the end of the tour, she will have played almost every song he wrote. Most of the time, it’s about searching her catalog to find an acoustic song on stage B. We want to hear from you! Send us a notice via our anonymous form. For many Americans, it was one of the first images of the budding superstar. They formed a Ned Flanders metal band. When it was over, she came up and introduced herself. .

Music Academy Tour