I am very glad that he said this because “he wanted to go on tour, watch them play and learn more about k-pop music, the k-pop fan community and their repertoire by participating in the show. So, 2018, we think it’s not just the growth of the Super Junior, but K-Pop in general still has a lot of love around the world and continues to grow and become more and more love. As Leslie called him during his cameo on the Super Junior stage that same evening, “It’s just the beginning” in English and Spanish, suggesting that his future looks exciting and very multilingual. Donghae: To be honest, we don’t know everything about Leslie when it comes to her shows, because we only have one song with her in “Lo Siento”, but during the tour we saw her playing alone and we think that she has many different aspects in her shows. SAFETY: You created the first successful collaboration between K-Pop and Latin music. Nice: There were no k-pop groups in Korea who tried a Latin device, but Super Junior was planning to try a Latin device. Since this was our first experience, our synchronization with Leslie was very good, and the end result was a great success, we keep trying new things. If someone wanted to bet on the future of music, maybe they didn’t have to look beyond the New York KCON 2018 Festival at the Prudential Center. Also, to see them sing my songs, there was no difference between the fandom of E.L.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F. With these successful collaborations and guided tours, 2018 will be a special year for K-Pop as well. But the other thing is that for me it was a phenomenon that people sing in my language and you can really see that music has no barriers. They are also very expressive, the dance is very funny, the singing is very good, that was one thing. Leslie made jokes with Siwon of SuJu, but she smiled and interacted with each of the six members of the group present. Maybe we’re taking a tour of the United States. Fun: four or five years ago, we had a solo exhibition in France and another in Los Angeles. For example, when she sang a brilliant song, she was so positive, brilliant and expressive – I hope so! One day in the future. I didn’t even know they were so beautiful! I’m so flattered. Continue reading and following Fuse’s time on the battlefield of KCON. Yes, that’s true! I’m a fan, I know my trade! We rely on our name. Thank you, it’s the same for you. We’ve been on tour together. And when she sang a sad song, she suddenly started crying. We realized that it was these different aspects of her performance that made her so popular with us. .

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