In the podcast, Dunham discussed a time when she was asked to share her abortion story during a visit to Planned Parenthood, even though she had never had one, and explained that she realized, by being proud of the fact that she had never had an abortion, she was encouraging the stigma against the practice.

“My words were spoken from a sort of ‘delusional girl’ persona I often inhabit, a girl who careens between wisdom and ignorance and it didn’t translate. That’s my fault,” she said.

“I would never, ever intentionally trivialize the emotional and physical challenges of terminating a pregnancy. My only goal is to increase awareness and decrease stigma.”

“I take reproductive choice in America more seriously than I take literally anything, and therefore own full responsibility for any words I speak that don’t convey this clearly. I know plenty of people will never like a thing I have to say, mea culpas or no, but this apology is for the women who have placed their trust in me,” she continued.

This isn’t the first time Dunham has apologized for putting her foot in her mouth.

In September, the Girls star apologized for the “Narcissistic” comments she made about NFL star Odell Beckham Jr.’s seeming disinterest in her at the 2016 Met Ball.

See Dunham’s pal Amy Schumer’s take on the drama in the video below.

Lena Dunham