Larry Wilmore typically opens his new podcast Black on the Air by reviewing the biggest stories of the week.

In the clip, which has been removed from Comedy Central’s website, Wilmore described Warmbier as an ignorant “Frat bro” who never should been in North Korea in the first place.

“Listen, Otto Von Crybaby, if you’re so anxious to go to a country with an unpredictable megalomaniac in charge, just wait a year and you’ll live in one!” Wilmore said on his show, predicting a Trump victory.

Speaking about the segment on his podcast today, Wilmore said he intended it to be a “Cautionary tale” for anyone who would think that they could get away with pulling a “College prank” in an “Authoritarian regime” like North Korea.

It’s a point that he reiterated after Warmbier’s death, calling on the whole world to “Unite and stop going to North Korea.” As much as he opposes all things Trump, Wilmore said if the president takes a stand to isolate North Korea, he will “Fully support” it.

As a parent himself, Wilmore acknowledged that “The worst thing that can happen to you is losing a child.” And as an American, The Ringer podcast host says he shares the “Moral outrage” of a fellow American being mistreated by a “Hostile, authoritarian regime led by someone who is one of the epitomes of evil in today’s world.”

As Wilmore referenced, his piece on Warmbier was featured on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show this week.

Responding to the backlash from figures like Carlson, Wilmore also said he finds it “Unfortunate” that he has been labeled as “Evil” or “Disgusting” for the piece he did about Warmbier when he was captured.

Larry Wilmore