While fans are patiently waiting for the feature film to be released, see below the winning song and full poll results. The Argentinean pop star blessed her fans of “Lo Que Tengo Yo” in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. This home music video brings together fans of all ages and from around the world to experience their best dance moves at home. Lali’s loyal fans have officially chosen the song “Yours”, which they are obsessed with in 2020. At full speed in 2020, the Argentinean singer promises an even bigger leap for her next album. The song is about a girl who can do it and breaks hearts, mixing dance rhythms with electro-urbanistic beats. Since the release of her Brava album in 2018, Lali has demonstrated her development in musical sounds, style and more. Her latest single, “Fascinated”, came in second with more than 24%. The billboard is part of the MRC Media and Info division.

Lali Song