Oh brother, are the Lakers finding new ways to be unhappy.

The apotheosis came on Wednesday night with an uncomfortable news conference at which the rookie D’Angelo Russell apologized for videotaping his teammate Nick Young apparently confessing to cheating on his fiancĂ©e.

Bryant is shooting a career low.355.Things looked particularly bad on Monday night when the Lakers managed to lose by 48 to the Jazz.

As first reported by ESPN, Russell, who has a reputation as being a prankster and immature even for his 20 years, had videotaped Young talking about women he had dated.

At the end, Russell cackles, “I’m glad you told my video all that.” Young responds with a priceless “Huh?” and the video ends.

That did not prevent a rift in the locker room over the video, according to reports, with Russell being shunned by teammates who felt he had broken an omerta.

Young has not had much to say on Twitter lately; his most recent post, from Monday, merely says “What’s going on in 2016.” Russell’s latest post is a cryptic, “Let’s be real!”.

Before Wednesday night’s game, the Lakers held a news conference at which no one seemed happy to be.

Bryant was just 1 for 7, but Jordan Clarkson had 26 points and Russell shook off the boos to score 16.Perhaps the Lakers have taken the first steps back to happiness.