Kevin Abstract Preview of a new project called ‘Arizona Baby’. This time it was a fifteen-second video directed by Romil Hemnani, producer of Abstract and Brockhampton, with constantly scattered exhortations: “Teach me empathy. “Teach me to feel. “Teach me to trust. “Teach me to change. “ARIZONA Baby,” said the last picture. Although the clip is short, it contains all the features of the Brockhampton sound that made the band a star last year – the aesthetics of single-shot art, the emotional lyrical narrative and the capricious production with its sudden and characteristic change of pace. His moisture-sensitive face and tooth-colored smile occupy most of the frame, the image is processed into the saturated, heavy style that now characterizes the group, and in the corner is a parent advisor. Just two summers ago, the Rap DIY collective, called “America’s Largest Boy Band,” produced three revolutionary albums in the space of a few months. The video, this time 47 seconds long, shows Abstract uploading to a site administrator and playing a new song. Since the release of their debut album Iridescence last September, many members of the band have gone from having a turbulent digital presence to having a relatively quieter digital presence. It’s been a long time since we heard from one of the Brockhampton members. Wednesday Night has everything it takes to confirm a project is up and running. It looks like an album cover. That was two weeks ago.

Kevin Abstract