The ketogenic diet is a newer trendy eating plan, but it’s already racked up some success stories: People lose weight, their skin clears, and their moods are boosted.

If you choose diets like many of us do – based on what you’re not allowed to eat, AKA what you’ll miss the most – read up.

Here are five surprising foods that are off-limits when you’re going keto.

Halo TopThis stuff is marketed as the ice cream for dieters, but at the end of the day, it’s still ice cream.

It’s high in all the wrong categories – sugar and carbs – and low in fat, which is essential on a ketogenic diet.

Fat isn’t just okay on a keto diet; it’s encouraged.

MargarineIt’s less fatty than the real stuff, but remember, that’s not a huge concern when you’re eating keto.

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