Singer Keri Hilson shared a black and white photo of herself and wrote in the caption: “We don’t chooseblack or white’, we choosegood or bad’. An Instagram user took the opportunity to tell Keri Hilson that she “wasn’t talking about anything” and that she “just wanted to show what she looked like in perfect lighting. “She didn’t like the answer. A white woman named Amy Cooper, “Karen of Central Park,” lost her job after claiming she was in trouble when she reported to the police a black man who asked her to keep his dog on a leash. Keri Hilson wanted to help raise awareness, but a fan tried to silence her by saying that her real purpose was to show her look. “I found a black and white photo on my phone that I wasn’t interested in to indicate something serious in my caption. A shocking news story was released after a video broadcast that showed an unarmed and handcuffed man named George Floyd being choked by four Minneapolis police officers. Because I speak in words and the Sh*t weighs on my heart. These two events, especially the last one, made people from all walks of life come forward and express their disgust. T is a serious problem that must be solved. “Read the exchange below. I am angry,” responded Keri. Tell me about the news of the new hot Hip Hop. People read the headlines HERE. I don’t give a damn about today’s picture. “Ahhh shut up.

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