A worker at a U.S. military base on Okinawa has been arrested on suspicion of killing a 20-year-old Japanese woman, police said Thursday.

Kenneth Shinzato, 32, was arrested after giving police the location of the body of Rina Shimabukuro, 20.

Dead: Rina Shimabukuro, 20, disappeared on the island of Okinawa, Japan, on April 28.

The story raised anti-US tensions just a week before Barack Obama is due to visit Hiroshima on May 27.Shimabukuro was last heard of at 8pm on April 28, when she messaged her boyfriend to say she was going for a walk.

The U.S. currently plans to move the base, which is located in a densely populated area of the island to another location on Okinawa – but Onaga, and a good proportion of locals – want it gone altogether.

Tensions were already high after a U.S. seaman, Justin Castellanos, 24, was arrested on suspicion of raping a Japanese tourist to Okinawa in March.

He will be the first sitting U.S. president to do so when he arrives on May 27 – but has ruled out making any apology for the bombing, which was the first of two that sealed Japan’s departure from the Second World War.Okinawa was also the site of a bloody WWII battle, and hosts the bulk of U.S. military forces based in Japan since thewar – something many residents see as an unfairburden.

Kenneth Shinzato