The currently pregnant pop star is returning to the show that made her a household name for the first live show of Idol’s 15th and final season, executive producer Trish Kinane announced at a panel for the series at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

“We’ve invited her to be part of this season and she’s really happy to be,” Kinane revealed.

While timing might not work out for the first ‘American Idol’ to perform on the last finale, they’re trying to work out a way to bring her back for that, too.

Cowell, who is judging on the upcoming season of ‘America’s Got Talent’, will be the most difficult person to work out, but Kinane confirms that he’ll likely be back for the finale.

Teased host extraordinaire Ryan Seacrest, “Simon’s hung up on his lighting. We did speak and I think you’ll see the original faces back on the show before it’s over.”

One person you might not see? Clay Aiken, who eviscerated the current judging panel on Twitter the night of the season premiere.

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