Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are officially the cutest celeb couple on the block after making this video.

The super famous couple proved they’re just like us – maybe with better voices – as they indulged in a car sing-a-long this week to Keith’s new song Fighter and captured the silly moment for a video on Facebook.

It starts with the couple sitting in the stationary car when the track comes on, with Nicole immediately exclaiming in a silly voice: “Oh my god, I love this song!”.

When the song gets going they begin over-the-top miming with Nicole taking Carrie Underwood’s part of the track.

We all know Nicole has a fabulous voice of her own after big screen musical Moulin Rouge so let’s hope she considers a genuine duet with her husband.

Carrie Underwood later gave the video her seal of approval writing on Twitter: “Oh my goodness, I love this!!! Could they be any more adorable?! And she sounds pretty good,”.

“I’ve seen the work he puts into it and the love. He’s a musician, so every little tiny detail is all him, and I love that. I love that he’s passionate about his music.”

Keith Urban