Kehlani announces she was born at home this weekend. Kehlani’s famous friends joined her comments when she received love and congratulations from celebrities like G-Eazy, Winnie Harlow, Amber Rose, Bhad Bhabie. Fans kept track of Kehlani’s social media messages about pregnancy because the singer announced that her birth date was fast approaching. Kehlani also suggested that she could take a break in social media in the next few days because she wants to concentrate on welcoming the new family. Now, the happy mother has announced in Instagram that last weekend she gave birth to a girl named Adeya Nomi. Kehlani gave birth at home, standing, without medication, in my arms, as we spoke her first words. Kehlani and Javie welcomed their daughter Adeya into the world. “This weekend, our angel came to the bathroom of our house in good health and perfect in every way,” writes Kehalni. We enjoy each other and our health, we rest and surrender to love. Everyone has to wait to see the girl, because the photo the singer published was just the baby’s blanket. “Drug-free home delivery was the most difficult and powerful thing I have ever done in my life. These two are my reason and my determination. Incomparable in love. The best moment of my life. Gratitude without words. “Adeya is home. My heart is full.

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