The host of that awesome kids game show “Legends of the Hidden Temple” is on the verge of a comeback … because he’s in talks to cameo in the upcoming movie version of the show.

In case you didn’t know … producers are turning the classic Nickelodeon show into a movie – which reportedly focuses on 3 siblings who embark on a crazy jungle adventure.

To add to the nostalgia … producers have reached out to the original host, Kirk Fogg´╗┐, to make a cameo.

Since t is no game show element to the movie, we’re told producers are scripting a part for Fogg that will pay homage to his duties on the ’90s show.

Remember the old team names?? The green monkeys, red jaguars and silver snakes?? We’re told producers are also trying to find a way to incorporate those things into the movie too!

Sounds awesome … just one question – when’s the ‘Guts’ movie???

Katt Williams