Demi Lovato is not cool for the summer with someone.

It didn’t take fans much detective work to figure out Lovato’s not actually worried about tea.

Everyone has concluded the singer was dissing Kathy Griffin.

Griffin held a tearful press conference Friday to explain and apologize for the photo of her holding a fake, bloody President Donald Trump head. During the event, the comedian said the Trumps were trying to ruin her life and called President Trump a “Bully.”

The move seems weird for Lovato unless you know the history between the two.

Back in 2014, Griffin identified Lovato when asked who was the “Biggest douche celebrity” she’s met.

She also referred to Lovato as “Debbie Lovato.”

Lovato reportedly replied, “Only a ‘douche’ to people I can’t stand.”

The feud continued after Lovato’s VMA performance in 2015, w Griffin seemed to accuse the singer of lip-syncing.

Kathy Griffin