Katharine McPhee has no regrets in life – even when it comes to her infidelities.

The “Smash” actress came clean to Ocean Drive magazine about her headline-making love life, w she cheated on her husband with the married director of the series, Michael Morris.

Morris is married to actress Mary McCormack and they have two children together, while McPhee and Cokas officially divorced in February 2016.

“I don’t have any regrets. All of the choices I made I learned from in a really deep way,” McPhee told the magazine.

While she’s been told that she should just get around and “Hook up with a bunch of people,” the “American Idol” runner-up said she would much rather fall in love.

“I’m a one-man kind of gal and a kind of true romantic at heart,” she said.

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Katharine McPhee