Over two months after Joaquín Loera Guzmán had escaped from a maximum-security prison for the second time, Hollywood actor Sean Penn got in touch with him through Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, to conduct an interview for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Penn made a detailed narration of the events, for which he allegedly had to go through the most technologically complicated security measures.

Even though the magazine’s article begins by saying names have been changed and locations unnamed, the interview includes a video dedicated exclusively to Ms. Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn, as stated by the drug lord.

Penn defended the actress’s views, “Her views, unlike those folkloric lionizations, are rather a continuity of her history of brave expression and optimistic dreams for her homeland.”

The drug lord seemed to be holding nothing back during his seven-hour conversation with Penn.

Penn did take time to explain his decision and respect for the authorities that are after El Chapo, inducing the Mexican and U.S. government, the DEA, amongst others.

Kate del Castillo