Kanye EMI case: Both sides are trying to reach an amicable settlement. The explosion reports that it received legal documents submitted by both Kanye and the EMI to request a stay of execution of the case, which would give them the opportunity to develop the terms of a private settlement. Kanye filed his complaint against the EMI earlier this year, pointing out unfavorable conditions, including the fact that his contract technically has no end date, which Kanye and his lawyers describe as an easement under California law. The Blast reports that Kanye West, after suing the EMI publisher to withdraw from its record contract, is now trying to resolve the matter amicably and out of public view. They asked for a 60-day extension to set the conditions and try to come to an agreement on how and when Kanye can leave and what he will take with him if he leaves. Nor does he have the possibility of withdrawing by contract, which means that EMI technically owns a piece of all his music until he releases an agreed number of songs. If the case goes to court, it will reveal how the artists should protect themselves when they sign the contract. EMI stopped countering Kanye and found that the manufacturer had changed or expanded its operations seven times. Similar cases have led to settlements in the past, particularly in cases involving celebrities such as Courtney Love, 30 Seconds to Mars and Rita Ora.

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