Sunday service at Kanye West may be over. For several weeks now, Kanye West has been conducting its weekly Sunday services in the hills of Calabasas. The rapper brought several famous celebrities, but Kanye was seduced by the incredible interpretations of his classic albums, with the help of a choir. Last night may have been Kanye West’s last shift on Sunday. “This is the last time on the mountain, so you all have to celebrate with us,” he said yesterday at Sunday Mass. The Los Angeles police reportedly arrived at the workplace on Sunday after neighbors complained about the noise. Unfortunately, it looks like yesterday’s edition of their weekly event last night is the last for now. Kanye West’s spiritual retreat in the mountains could be the last for a minute. Unfortunately, yesterday’s service, which seemed to be the last Sunday, has been shortened. If this is the last Sunday Mass, you finished it very well. Katy Perry, Tyler, The Creator and Courtney Love also participated in the event. Guests reportedly began to stop the event after the police arrived. Of course, members of the Kardashian Jenner clan were also present.