Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s controversial rapper husband, recently tweeted that he has “$53 million dollars in personal debt.

According to E! Online, a source told E!News that the actor wasn’t exactly “$53 million in debt,” the figure that the actor referred to was the amount he spent in the span of 13 years.

For the average guy, $53 million is still too much to be spent within 13 years, but for West, it is possible.

West’s investments on fashion, music videos and films can bring the sum to millions.

He’s also number six on Hip-Hop’s Cash Kings, pegging the figure at $30 million.

Two of his music videos breached the $1 million mark.

The net worth of Kanye is still at $145 million, a figure that makes the guy rich by any standard.

So the $53 million debt tweet may be treated as nothing more than a mere self-expression.

Kanye West in debt