When Kaley Cuoco took on her famous role as Penny on the CBS hit sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory,” she said she felt something special from the pilot episode, but would have never predicted its ongoing success.

“We still come in the next morning and we go, ‘Did you see the ratings? Did people watch?'” Cuoco told “CBS This Morning” Tuesday.

The the show’s ninth season finale airs this Thursday.

“It kind of leaves… with a little bit of a ‘uh-oh,'” Cuoco teased.

The actress has gone through a rough patch in her personal life.

After 21 months of marriage, Cuoco finalized her divorce from tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

“I’m not ashamed of anything that happened. I fall in love really hard… that person is it for me and I love hard, and when it’s over, it’s over,” Cuoco said.

In her “Other life,” Cuoco is an avid equestrian rider.

“I don’t want it to be the last. I can safely say no one wants it to be the last… We got a good thing going and we genuinely like each other and we have a really good job and we want to stay for, I want to say, many more years,” Cuoco said.

Kaley Cuoco